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I’m ridiculously pregnant. Overdue in fact. It was supposed to be her birthday on 2nd August but our little one has other ideas.

However, that makes waiting around for me to go into labour totally boring! We don’t want to go too far, just in case, but not doing anything is driving me mental so we’ve been using our last few days/week of just us by catching up with friends, coffee dates, brekky, movies (we saw the new Spiderman, it was good. Not as good as the others but still good), getting a pedi, reading, baking etc.

Fast forward to today when I said to Clint that I wanted to go for a walk & grab a coffee and some morning tea at a cute cafe somewhere in Paddington (where we are currently doing our last housesit).

Unbeknownst to me he’d sent our mate Michael, who’s lived in the area for ages, a text to ask for a recommendation.

He suggested Naim in Collingwood St, Paddo. I’d actually looked at this place for a brekky date with our friends Renee & Daniel the week before but we ended up at Sassafras which is still bloody delicious.

It’s a cute converted Paddington cottage on the corner & set out really well. We didn’t have to wait for a seat which was great.

We looked at the menu & I can honestly say that I could have ordered every. single. thing. on there. It reads wonderfully!

We settled on 2 dishes & we thought we’d share them.

The first was Pumpkin and Haloumi – za’atar roasted pumpkin, pumpkin puree, haloumi, spicy zhug, two poached eggs, toasted sourdough.


And the other one was the Chicken Shawarma Flatbread – toasted za’atar flatbread, kalamata olive hummus, grilled shawarma spiced chicken, marinated artichokes, crispy capers, sumac onions, fresh herbs.


They were both sensational, the Chicken Shawarma just edged ahead as my favourite owing to the more complex flavours but this was some of the best food I have eaten for a long time.

They are open for brunch & dinner and I can tell you that I’ll be coming back as soon as I’ve had this baby & can eat more!

Well done Naim, you’re really one of a kind.

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