do | freycinet national park

We’re in Swansea for our 11th house sit. That’s on the east coast of Tasmania & is a beautiful part of the world. I’ll do a separate post about our sit here but everything is so accessible on this side of the coast.

There’s literally 6 wineries within 15 minutes of were we are living & Freycinet National Park is only a hours drive away around the bay.

We decided we’d head up there because it’s so close & Wineglass Bay has been on my Tassie to do list for a really long time.


You need to buy a park pass before which you can do online or when you get there. It’s $24 for a car load & you display the pass on your dashboard. It’s a bit of an honour system but I’m sure they do check occasionally. Plus, the money goes back into the park.

Once you reach the walks carpark, go to the toilet & fill up your water bottle. There are no water stations along the way & no toilets.

There’s plenty of signage that tells you what walks are available & the fitness level needed. We opted for the walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. They say it’s about 1- 1.5 hour return walk about 3km up & back. I don’t think it took us that long. It’s steep going up the rocky but very well constructed path & I did have to stop a few times along the way because it gets a little steep towards the end & I am carrying an extra passenger. I probably wouldn’t recommend doing it the climb after 28 weeks though.

The views as you head up are pretty amazing. There’s a look out to Coles Bay which is  nice rest stop (see feature image) and there are heaps of interesting boulders & wood works to look at as well.


But the main event is what you are waiting for.  It’s spectacular & definitely worth it. We took up a backpack with some snacks in it so we could sit down & enjoy the view.


You can then opt to walk the extra 3km down to the actual beach but there’s no way I could have accomplished that this time around so it’s on the list for next time we visit Tassie, with our little one in tow!

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