tww | bunya

The weather is finally starting to cool down a little. Thank goodness! I’m really ready for Autumn to kick in properly. I want to wear jumpers & jeans & drink cups of steaming tea on the couch in my pyjamas.

Our 10th sit saw us move to Bunya, just a 17 minute drive from Albany Creek but it actually felt like a world away.

Darryl & Adrian’s house belongs on the cover of a House & Garden magazine. It’s stunning. And we felt like we were on holidays as soon as we got there.


They were off to Tassie for a holiday & we were charged with looking after about 20 chooks, 7 budgies & Maggie, their aloof sausage dog.

As our tyres crunched down the driveway, we parked our cars that seemed way too shitty to be in a driveway of this calibre,  we let ourselves in & made ourselves at home. The guest room & separate bathroom is spectacular with a king size bed & huge claw foot tub.

The back deck looks out over the South Pine River & the perfectly curated gardens the guys have spent so much time on. It really was just breathtaking.


We then had to get little Maggie familiar with us. She’s SO shy. She huddles in the back of her dog house & you have to basically get in there & carry her out.

Her bed gets taken into the lounge room to watch TV when you do but she was still very apprehensive about us. What we did know was that she loved liver treats! So we bribed her and she got more & more brave til she actually wanted to spend time with us.

I loved her so much. She’d get her squeaky toys & go crazy throwing them around the room, running up & down the hallway & then get embarrassed so she’d jump into her little bed!


Me & Clint loved having our coffee on the deck of a morning looking out over the gardens. It was one of the best sits we’d done & I’ll admit I was a little teary leaving the little sausage!

Things we found while staying in the hood:

  • Samford Village is a short drive away & has some great shops
  • mainly the bakery where you can get the best passionfruit meringue tart I’ve ever eaten
  • Ya Ya Bar which has great brekkies & they do music on Friday nights & Sunday arvo’s
  • The Store of Requirement – a Harry Potter themed store
  • Bunya Lake is down the road & you can do swimming, fishing & there are some great walking tracks around there as well
  • The peace & quiet is amazing


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