tww | joyner

After spending 3 weeks at my Mum & Dad’s place as a housesit we had teed up fell through we packed our bags, again & headed northside. This time to Joyner where 14 year old Staffy’s Stig & Diesel awaited us.

We were looking after Sam & Steve’s place for 9 days while they were away doing some charity work.

This was the first time I’d seen the place as Clint had done the meet & greet whilst he was up in Brisbane for a basketball day with his mates so I didn’t know what to expect.

Thankfully, it was great! The house is on acreage & set at the back of the block so you drive up a wonderful tree lined driveway. It’s quiet, comfortable and they had a pool! We had some really hot days (their aircon wasn’t working) and being in the water and feeling weightless was an absolute luxury for me.


Stig & Diesel were so funny. Stig is a bit of a brawler, we ended up calling Wild Man cause he’d go nuts when we let him in to the pool enclosure. He was like the dog version of Bear Grylls. Diesel or Deez Nuts, Deez, Easy Breezy Deezy was a big bloody sook. They are both nuggets but Deez loved his head rubbed & belly patted. The back of his head looked like Dobby from Harry Potter.

Stig took an instant liking to Clint & followed him everywhere! He’d even whinge when he went for a run, waiting for him at the gate.


They both loved to sit in the sun & catch some rays!


They also had 5 chickens that roamed the whole block during the day. There was one that was bullied a bit so Clint took her under his wing (pun intended) and would lead her away from the others to feed her separately. He called her Sheryl (as in Sheryl Crow, even though she was a girl chook and they don’t crow).

When we were packing up to leave Clint left the car doors open to put all our stuff in & Sheryl didn’t really want him to go! She ended up getting in the car! You can see the photo in the feature image.

That was housesit number 10 for us! I can’t quite believe how many we have done & how normal it is. Not going to lie, the bigger my belly gets the more I want to be in my own space with my bed & creature comforts but we’ve still got a few more adventure to go before we get a place of our own.


Next stop, Melbourne & Tassie.

Things we found while staying in the hood:

  • The Warner Tavern does a good pub meal
  • Lake Samsonvale is just down the road & it’s lovely
  • There’s a massive sporting complex just down Francis Road as well which had netball courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, halfpipe thing for bikes and good exercise equipment
  • There are heaps of walking tracks & paths to get some exercise.
  • Genesis College was literally across the street, if you walk behind the school you can check out their goats & sheep. They are really cute

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